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Forum Posting 



Posting on forums can be an amazingly effective way to generate traffic through your affiliate hoplink and it’s actually very easy and completely free to do.


The trade off as with many of the techniques you can use is that of the time it takes to do.


The first thing to do is search for forums and you can do this easily by typing ‘forum’ followed by a keyword in Google search. For example - 'running forums', 'jogging forums', 'fitness forums', ‘health forums' etc.


You can also try the search using the term ‘forum’ as well as ‘forums’... you get the idea and see what results you get. I suggest that you look for popular forums that have the most members and the most comments being made (a bigger target audience) so that you can be sure your comments will get read by many members.


You’ll need to sign up to post comments and that should be your next step. After that you’re good to go.


Have a look for threads within the forums that relate to ‘beginner runners’ or even better still ‘starting to run’ or ‘how to start running.’


When answering questions or simply chatting in forums, you do need to be careful. Forums are not meant to be a place where companies can advertise, instead they are for adding information and advice to other readers.


I would advise that you begin posting comments for a couple of weeks before adding your signature to your posts and make sure that your comments are actually helping and adding value to readers.


It’s far better to join the community and contribute to a few discussions first before simply adding comments with your signatures included as many forum communities can be very sensitive to strangers just passing by and trying to promote themselves or their products


You can use your signature to promote the program by adding it or an image of yourself or the product at the bottom of all your forum posts and blog comments. You could also use a banner image advert which you'll find in the links on the left.


Don't try to hard sell the program in forums or blog postings, rather use your own experience or a review style approach. Whatever you do, this isn't the time to use a sales pitch or anything remotely resembling an advert, remember you should be giving advice and support.


Here are just a few forum signatures that you can use as they are or by adapting them to make your own unique signature ideas...


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If you have any questions about this subject or any other relating to promoting my eBook, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Jago Holmes,

Author and affiliate manager

‘How To Start Running’


email: jago@howtostartrunning.com