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Solo Emails

The following emails are designed to be sent out to any subscriber lists you might have that are related to ‘running,’ ‘jogging,’ or ‘fitness’ and ‘weight loss’ etc.

Obviously if you don’t have any related lists, then there is no point in using emails as one of your marketing tactics. But you may well decide to begin building a list as you build traffic through to HowToStartRunning.com and these emails could then be used.


There is no copyright on the following emails, you can use them as they are or add your own comments to make them fit your readers needs as you think best.


I also suggest that you use these emails to generate your own ideas. If you have your own subscriber lists, then you know your readers better than anyone else.



Email #1 is a general message that can be sent to beginner runners...


Hi {firstname}


There aren't many things that are easy and effective at genuinely helping you to become a better runner, but I've got something for you today that fits that bill exactly.


Let's be honest when you're starting out it seems that you'll never get any better, faster or stronger. Your legs feel like lead and you can't get enough air in to your lungs quickly enough.


You get frustrated with every run that you do because it just feels so hard even though you've been going regularly.


Many of us give up at this point... No surprises there then!


But it doesn't have to be like this. There are a few simple things you need to do, step by step to ensure that you continue to improve and make the progress you should be doing.


Once you've used this unique, tried and tested formula, you can't fail. You'll be running distances for fun and enjoying every moment of it.


There's a running program out there now that can help...


The guy who put this fantastic running program for beginners together is an experienced personal trainer from the UK called Jago Holmes and you can find out all about his training program for beginners here.


Go check it out now - 

(Your Hoplink Here xxxxxxxxx)


Email #2
is specifically for anyone who wants to start running to lose weight.


Hi {firstname}

Have you ever tried running to lose weight before?


If so, did it work for you, did you keep going?


Unfortunately it simply doesn't work for most people due to a wide range of reasons...


Even though running is one the first things most people try when it comes to losing weight, it's probably one of the most unsuccessful approaches.


Not because it doesn't work. That's just not true, it's one of THE best ways of shedding pounds fast.


No, the reason running to lose weight isn't always as effective as it should be is because people tend to approach it without a plan or purpose. They simply decide they're going to start running and off they go in to the sunset...


...and back again in about 10 minutes, breathless, exhausted and demoralised from the whole experience.


But there is an easy way to start running so you lose weight fast and tone up, but it's completely different to the way most people would do it.


A colleague of mine Jago Holmes who is an experienced personal trainer has created the answer to this problem for you.


To find out about this extremely effective training technique for new runners, go take a look here...

(Your Hoplink Here xxxxxxxxx)


So if you’d like to discover the secret to getting a slim, toned and sexy body by using running as your secret weapon, then go check out Jago's fantastic web site here…

(Your Hoplink Here xxxxxxxxx)




Email #3 This last email is for anyone wanting to improve their fitness levels through running.


Hi {firstname}

Do you want a quick way to improve your fitness, boost energy levels and give you an all round smug feeling of health and vitality?


If so then you need search no more...


I have the solution for you!


It's fast, cheap, effective and you can do it almost anywhere.


I'm talking about running. Yes, you heard right, I said running. You know the thing that everyone used to do to get fit before the days of body pump, zumba and body glide etc, etc...


It's probably one of the fastest ways of getting fit there is, but it's only really effective if it's done right.


There's a right way and a wrong way of going about it, but unfortunately most people choose the latter. If you follow a set pattern, a time tested step by step process then you really can't fail.


A colleague of mine Jago Holmes has exactly the right solution for you, it's called 'How To Start Running' and it guides through this process every step of the way right through to being able to run for 3 miles without stopping.


It's a great read too, there's loads of interesting theory and running tips in there, so you learn at the same time as getting fitter.


It's a must read for anyone wanting to use running to improve their fitness levels as fast as possible. You can find out all about it here...


(Your Hoplink Here xxxxxxxxx)


Jago's an experienced personal trainer who's written many other training and weight loss programs, but this is perhaps one of his best yet.


It's a proven and effective way to skyrocket your fitness levels waaaay beyond the level they're at right now.


Go here to find to out more...

(Your Hoplink Here xxxxxxxxx) 


If you have any questions about this subject or any other relating to promoting my eBook, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Jago Holmes,
Author and affiliate manager

‘How To Start Running’


email: jago@howtostartrunning.com