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How To Start Running At Night



Have you ever tried running at night? If not, you have no idea what you're missing. It's cooler, quieter and you'll feel less conspicuous when running in the dark.


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Sometimes it can be very difficult to fit in your sessions throughout the day time when you have to juggle work, family and social life, you occasionally have no other choice but to run in the dark.

Unfortunately once you start running at night, there is a need to be a little more careful. On the one hand you need to try to run where there is a certain amount of life, a brightly lit area, with other people around to ensure your safety from others, but on the other hand, the extra traffic in these places means that you might be at a greater risk from cars and other types of vehicles.


Here are some safety tips to follow when running at night to ensure that you make it through your runs without incident or accident.



Running At Night, Running Tip #1


Always Run Facing Oncoming Traffic


When you first start running at night, you need to run on the side of the street that faces oncoming traffic. Doing this helps you to see vehicles heading towards you, making it much easier and safer to keep away from them.


Running in the dark is always much harder because of poor visibility levels due to the glare of headlamps and overhead street lighting. For this reason you should only select routes that have sidewalks or purpose built walkways. Don't use very busy roads to run on after dark.

It's also very important to be alert to other potential road users such as cyclists and fellow runners, so don't just use the noise of a car as your only warning of advancing vehicles.



Running At Night, Running Tip #2


Be Safe, Be Seen


Ideally the types of clothing you wear when you start running at night should be of a lighter fabric.

White, yellow or orange clothing tends to be easier to see at night and better still, luminous or reflective materials fastened to or worn over clothing like arm bands, reflective hat badges and sashes all help to get you noticed.


Generally speaking you need to make yourself as noticeable as possible. Simply wearing running shoes with reflective sections on them, might not be enough to get you fully noticed by other road users.



Running At Night, Running Tip #3


Means of Contact


Everyone who runs should keep a mobile phone with them, even if they run only in the daytime. You might pick up an injury and be unable to continue, you may get lost or too exhausted to carry on or you may even witness an accident or crime etc. These are all very good reasons for carrying a phone with you when running at night.


Another idea is to keep some form of identification with you. A driver's license will do.

You can save this easily in your pocket or in a hip bag.


For your own safety, try to mix up the days and times you go out running, otherwise this can make you a target to would be assailants. Whilst this rarely actually happens, however, it is best to be aware of these precautions.



Running At Night, Running Tip #4


Run With Others


You can run on your own at anytime, but sometimes it can be very motivational and safer to run with others, either a running club or a friend.


As an alternative to this, why not start running with a dog, your own or one borrowed from someone else. The dog will love it and you may be saving your friend or neighbour having to go out to walk it themselves.


If you do decide to start running at night, you'll find it can be a wonderful experience, a good opportunity to unwind following a hard day’s work, or escape from the family for a while.


Whatever reason you do it for, take reasonable precautions for your own safety.


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